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Sounds of Yesterday

still echo in my head

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Let Me Breathe You This Song

Welcome to Wintaer's journal, it would seem that you have somehow managed to stumble upon her her little corner of the internet. Mind your step, there are teetering piles of nonsensical rambling, angry whirlwinds and various gaps in logic inside! Wintaer is a full-time chemistry grad student, and as such, is constantly breathing in odd fumes and lacking in much needed sleep, hence the questionable sanity and disarray. Or maybe that's just how she naturally is.

With that said, all that is left is for Wintaer to warn whoever may be reading this that if your brain has not rotted already, it will surely start dripping out of your ears if you continue forward. Insanity is contagious, and Wintaer has a healthy dose of it to pass onto whoever may come near.

Proceed with caution!


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